About Our Candles

Tips on burning our candles.

All of our products are designed to give you the very best in function and enjoyment.  Care and use instructions for all our candles can be found here.  Basic Candle Care  

Are your candles 100% soy wax?

Yes and no.  We produce multiple candle collections.  Some are 100% soy based while others are made of proprietary wax blends that include a variety of different wax bases. We use primarily soy, responsibly harvested palm, carnauba and occasionally a little food grade paraffin.  While a lot of attention has been placed on the benefits of natural soy wax, a clean burning candle is the result of just the right balance of ingredients and the correct size wick with just the right amount of scent and in some cases natural dye.

Are your candles environmentally friendly?

Afton Candle Company is dedicated to producing the highest quality and cleanest burning candles for our customers while doing our very best to reduce our impact on the environment.  Our containers are recyclable and reusable. Our packaging and labeling are made from recycled materials and we use only all natural, cotton and American softwood wicks in all of our candles.

Are your scents safe?

We use only the finest essential and custom fragrance oils to provide a full-bodied and long lasting scent. All of our scents blends are phthalate free and are sourced from only the most reputable manufacturers.

What wick should I purchase?

The choice between our all natural cotton wicks and a wooden wick is as much a personal decision as choosing the right scent.  Our cotton wicks provide a traditional look and function to the candles we have all grown up with.  Wooden wicks provide a more natural look and feel along with a gentle crackling sound as they burn. 

Are your candles Organic and/or Vegan?

No wax made from vegetable oil can be considered Organic. In the process of converting the liquid oil to a solid, a chemical reaction takes place where hydrogen is forced on to the carbon atom in the fatty acid chain. This chemical reaction is an alteration that prevents an organic status from being granted.  Anyone who declares their 100% soy candles as organic is not labeling their product honestly.  That being said, none of our suppliers test any of their products on animals or use animal by-products.  

What about GMO?

Over 93% of soy wax is chemically processed from the oil of genetically modified (GMO) soybeans that are commercially farmed.  There are quite a few blenders of waxes that have their own proprietary formulas for soy wax.  They add other waxes, vegetable oils, and chemicals to create their own proprietary blends; but again, every blend that is commercially available today contains soy wax that is from GMO soy seed. Manufacturing processes can ensure the wax is GMM free (Genetically Modified Material). In a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) it is the DNA that is modified, which is located in the protein of the soybean, not in the oil.  In other words, even though the seed has been genetically modified, the oil is the same as that would be produced by an organic soybean.